Grillstream has unique double grills: LESS FAT, NO FLARE-UPS, MORE FLAVOUR!



Normal Grill

Normal grills allow the fat and oil to drip down onto the burner, which causes flare-ups, resulting in burnt food and spoilt flavour.



No Flare-Ups

Grillstream’s dual grill system captures the fat and juices, and channels them into a collection tray = no mess, no flare ups!

Less Fat, More Flavour

Food is more succulent and more of the juices can evaporate, basting the food with added BBQ flavour.




Flare-ups are caused when fats and meat juices drop down onto a heat source and ignite. Despite what many people think, these flames don’t equal “that barbecue flavour”; they just produce acrid smoke that taints the taste of whatever you’re cooking. Flare-ups also lead to uneven cooking, with the outside cooked and the inside potentially raw. Grillstream technology eliminates these flare-ups that you get with typical barbecuing

The fat streams along the channels in the grill toward the front of your BBQ and actually baste it, adding flavour back in and keeping it moist. The remaining juices that make it to the front of your BBQ are then channelled into an easy to reach collection cup at the side, ready to be disposed of when cool.

Actually, it’s easier to clean a Grillstream barbecue than one with a standard grill. Because all of the fats and meat juices are streamed away into the collection cup, they’re not dropping down and coating the inside of your barbecue – this is especially a problem when using certain rubs and marinades as they can contain acidic ingredients that can cause real issues to the internals of your barbecue.