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Hybrid System

Gas, Charcoal, or Both

Get ready for the best of both worlds with GrillStream's revolutionary Hybrid System. This ingenious BBQ innovation combines the convenience of gas, with the unbeatable smoky flavour of charcoal. By cooking with gas, or charcoal, or both, the Hybrid System offers you the flexibility to grill, roast, smoke, and more.

How it works

Lift up your Grillstream grill plates and load the hybrid trays with quality briquettes (you can find our recommended briquettes on the accessories shopping section). Then simply turn on the gas and wait until the charcoal turns a warm white glow. No need for any chemical additives, lighter fluid, or paraffin cubes - just pure, authentic Smokey flavour. With the Hybrid System, you can effortlessly switch between charcoal and gas without making any adjustments to your BBQ setup. Experiment by cooking with direct heat, indirect cooking, a 50/50 combination, or even 75/25 ratio.

For indirect cooking, place your briquettes on one side ofyour Grillstream, leaving the hybrid trays in the other half empty. Turn on the as where you have placed the briquettes, and leave until the optimum cookingtemperature has been reached. Place your meat on the grill plates above theempty trays (or the warming rack) and leave with the hood down. Thisessentially turns your Grillstream into an outdoor oven, but be sure to monitorthe cooking Grillstream temperature as this can rise quickly.  Only open to check the internal temperature of the meat using a thermometer.

50/50 is a combination of direct and indirect cooking. Place the briquettes on one side of your Grillstream and turn on the gas until the briquettes are a warm white glow. Now place the meat on the grill plates directly above the charcoal and leave until browned. Move the meat over to the empty grill plates and leave with the hood down (monitor the cooking temperature as before) until the internal temperature of the meat is optimum.

For 75/25, place your briquettes over 75% of the hybrid trays, leaving the other 25% empty. As your meat is being cooked, gradually move it into the cooler area where it will be kept warm until serving.

When it comes to cleanup it couldn't be more straightforward. The uniquely designed hybrid trays cradle the charcoal ash, making disposal as easy as lifting the tray and tipping the ash away once your BBQ has cooled down. Say goodbye to the hassle of awkwardly scraping out ash residue!