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Our Story

Grillstream is the largest home grown BBQ brand in the UK, pioneering BBQ systems and accessories that simplify the art of grilling. Our origins trace back to two inventive minds from Birmingham, who crafted a groundbreaking concept in their garage, poised to revolutionise the world of barbecuing! The pair pitched their concept on the Dragon's Den TV show back in 2009, but the Dragon's declined to invest at that time. Grillstream is now considered the "one that got away", which was part of a follow-up Dragon's Den episode about the greatest success stories to appear on the show.

The Technology

Our barbecues have gained national recognition for the modern and innovative approaches to outdoor cooking. From our patented Grillstream System that eliminates flareups, our Hybrid System – the first built-in with the power of gas, charcoal, or both, our Gastro System for versatile culinary cooking, or our Smart Grill that provides real-time temperature monitoring. Whether you're a backyard grilling enthusiast or a professional BBQ chef, Grillstream technology can enhance your grilling experience and help you achieve delicious and consistently cooked dishes.


Grillstream is a Planet Mark registered company though LeisureGrow Products LTD. Planet Mark is an internationally recognised sustainability certification that acknowledges our continuous progress and action to minimise our environmental impact and carbon footprint. We have also partnered with Ecologi to turn our business into a climate positive work force, with the aim to achieve net-zero carbon status across our infrastructure and business. This is done by compensating for the carbon footprint and by funding climate projects around the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Grillstream is a part of the LeisureGrow Products LTD brand portfolio, which includes Petface, NOMA Christmas, NOMA Garden Lighting, LG Outdoor, and Casa Mia. LeisureGrow is a family-run business, supplying thousands of product lines to trade, retail, and distributors in the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe.