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Casa Mia

Alfresco Cooking & Heating

Casa Mia transforms your outdoor space into an alfresco retreat.

Designed by the British-based product team behind the revolutionary Grillstream hybrid system, Casa Mia is a collection of specially crafted products with functionality in mind, and innovative statement pieces that brings luxury and warmth to your patio or garden. The product team have been designing outdoor furniture and barbecues for over 20 years, and have applied their skills to creating the first gas powered chimeneas and a range of quality pizza ovens.

12 inch gas pizza oven

Craft delicious restaurant-quality pizza from the comfort of your home . With its sleek and durable design: the Casa Mia Bravo is not only functional, but also adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

16 inch gas pizza oven

Whether you're a seasoned pizza chef or a home cook, the Casa Mia Bravo provides high-performance heat distribution for evenly cooked pizza.