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Charcoal for the hybrid system

Charcoal for the hybrid system

We always recommend using Charcoal briquettes in the hybrid system as they provide a nice, long, even burn.

Lumpwood Charcoal is not recommended for the Hybrid System as it burns at a much higher heat and, if not monitored carefully, could lead to damage to your barbecue.

Loading the Charcoal

When using your hybrid as a Charcoal barbecue, you must first load the flame tamers with Charcoal briquettes. To do this, first remove the double set of Grillstream grills. Underneath you will see silver channels. Line up your briquettes row by row. Replace the Grillstream grills on top. You’re now ready to get heating up those coals. It is important that the Charcoal Trays are not overloaded with

Charcoal – if Charcoal is in contact with the Grillstream Grills please remove some until there is approximately a 1cm gap between Charcoal and grill. Failure to do this could lead to excessive heat and a sub-optimal cooking experience or even damage to your barbecue.

Lighting the Charcoal

To light the Charcoal, ensure you have performed the safety checks shown earlier in this manual. Then proceed to use the gas control knobs to turn on each burner to high for around 15 minutes, leaving the hood up.

The time you leave the burners on will depend on the type of Charcoal you’re using, outside temperatures, and how many burners your barbecue has. You can now turn the burners to the off position, close the hood and wait for the coals to reach the required temperature (around 15 minutes). You will know when the coals are ready as they will glow white and then you’re ready to cook.

Topping up the Charcoal

As part of the hybrid system, our barbecue comes with grill lifters. These allow you to safely move your grills off the barbecue when it has been on. This allows you to top up the Charcoal as necessary and put the grills back on to continue cooking. We would still recommend wearing suitable BBQ gloves when lifting the grills of a lit barbecue to prevent injury.

Mark Milligan
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