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Cleaning your BBQ

Cleaning your BBQ

To keep your Grillstream barbecue working at peak performance it’s important to keep it clean.

Thankfully the Grillstream system does most of the hard work for you by streaming away the fats and juices that would normally coat the inside of your cooking frame.

The best way for you to keep your barbecue clean after each use is to use the heat of your barbecue, setting the burners to Hi and closing the lid for 10-15 minutes.

Any food residue stuck to the grills will be incinerated. Then once cool enough, use the Gourmet cleaning brush or similar wire barbecue cleaning brush to clean both layers of the grills and warming rack.

Finally, you can wipe down the grills and warming rack with some kitchen roll or damp cloth. If you’ve used the Hybrid system ensure you wait for the Charcoal to cool completely before carefully removing the hybrid trays and disposing of the ash (responsibly). You may want to use a stiff bristled brush to clear the hybrid tray completely.

More thorough cleaning

After prolonged use where build up may have occurred, remove both sets of grills and the Hybrid trays, scrub them in warm soapy water and leave them to dry. Remove the Fat Channel and wipe it clean, removing all food residue and detritus that could cause a blockage. Don’t forget to remove your driptray and give that a clean with warm, soapy water too. Finally, empty the fat cup (responsibly). You can even put the fat cup in your dishwasher.

Remember to pop it back on the barbecue before the next use! It’s also a good idea to keep the outside of your barbecue clean. Any stainless steel sections should be cleaned using a suitable cleaner and cloth – do not use anything abrasive as this could scratch the surface. Painted areas and glass viewing panels (if present on your model) can be cleaned with warm, soapy water – again be sure to use a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

Deep Cleaning

If you know you’re not going to be using your barbecue for a while it’s a good idea to perform a deep clean before covering or storing it away. As well as performing the steps in the above sections it is also a good idea to take the grills and hybrid trays out and give the inside of your barbecue a good wipe down with hot soapy water.

The porcelain enamelled cooking frame is pretty tough so you can use a scrubbing brush or sponge but ensure you don’t use anything too abrasive (like a scouring pad) as this could potentially damage your barbecue.

Now is also a good time to remove and clean your burners. Squeeze the clip at the back of the barbecue holding the burner in place and push it inwards. Now slide the burner across and back before carefully lifting out.

Inspect the burner for any blockages and use a pipe cleaner to clear them. This is important as insects and spiders are known to find their way inside and cause blockages, impacting the performance of your barbecue.

They’re a lot less likely to do this if your barbecue is nice and clean, however! Make sure the burners are correctly seated (and retention clips are replaced properly) when replacing them, lining up correctly with the gas jets as shown in the Troubleshooting section.

Mark Milligan
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