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BBQ safety checks

BBQ safety checks

Before using your barbecue for the first time, or after it has been in storage for a longer period, it is important to perform a few essential safety checks before operating:

If your barbecue comes with lockable castors ensure the breaks are applied by pressing the break switch down on each wheel.

Ensure all grills (i.e. both layers) are installed correctly with the Grillstream tabs at the front and feet at the back.

Ensure the Fat Channel is free from obstructions (and the blue film has been removed if this is your first time lighting the BBQ) and the Fat Cup is empty and correctly installed.

You should perform a gas leak check. If at any time you can hear or smell gas while the burners are in the OFF position you should not use your barbecue.
Finally, it’s a good idea to light the burners with all grills removed to ensure they are all functioning correctly.

Mark Milligan
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