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How to light your BBQ

How to light your BBQ

Check that ALL burner control knobs are in the off position and that the hood is open.

Turn on the gas cylinder.

Push in and turn control knob in an anticlockwise direction to the hi position or until a click is heard. This is the sound of the spark being fired. Keep the control knob pressed in and you should hear a roaring sound. You should also see a mostly yellow flame shooting along beside the burner you are lighting. This is the

Jet Flame Ignition system.

After a couple of seconds you can release the control knob. The roaring sound will be audibly less. The Jet Flame should have extinguished, and your burner should now be lit, with blue flames.

You can now control the amount of gas flow (and therefore the heat output of the burner) by rotating the control knob anticlockwise. If the burner does not light immediately, turn the gas control knob to the off position and wait for any accumulated gas to clear out of the barbecue before repeating the procedure – this could take as much as five minutes depending on conditions.

If ignition cannot be achieved, you may need to check the gas connection again. To turn off a burner, rotate the control knob all the way clockwise until you feel resistance.

You will then need to push the control knob in and continue to rotate until is in the off position. When turning off the barbecue it is recommended that, while at least one burner is still lit, you switch off the gas supply at the regulator. This will purge the gas system and prevent blockages. Remember to turn off all control knobs and gas regulator after use.

Mark Milligan
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