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A Peek into 2024

A Peek into 2024

As we step into 2024, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest lineup of game-changing products designed to elevate your grilling experience. 

Let's take a peek at what's hot off the grill:

1. SmashGrill

Say hello to the SmashGrill! It's not just a grill; it's a whole new way to cook! From crackling morning eggs to smoky evening BBQs, this versatile flat plate has you covered! The SmashGrill is engineered for excellence with its U-shaped burners, ensuring perfect heat distribution for that consistent, mouthwatering flavour in every bite. And with your convenience in mind, this grill is designed to feature a gas bottle storage and double shelf storage for all your grilling essentials.

2. Aspect Barbecues (2 and 3-burner models)

Meet our Aspect Barbecue range with our 2 and 3 burner models – Small in size, but big on performance! These all-in-one compact grills are designed with fold-down side shelves, a warming rack, a handy middle shelf for all your grilling essentials. Equipped with our signature Grillstream technology and the hybrid system, offering the ultimate grilling convenience.

3. Legacy Range (4 and 5-burner models)

Introducing our Legacy Barbecue range with our 4 and 5 burner models - Bold, robust, and built with a taller hood, perfect for larger meat joints. This grill presents a new fat cup design integrated into the chunky shaped side shelves, as well as coming equipped with a handy side burner, ample storage and LED-lit controls.

4. Outdoor Kitchen Built-Ins

Presenting our Java and Venice Built-In Outdoor Kitchen ranges. Offering both 4 and 6 burner Gourmet models that are seamlessly integrated into an outdoor kitchen unit that flawlessly matches its corresponding furniture range. Paired with a built-in ceramic steak shelf side burner, ample storage, and colour-changing LED-lit controls for that extra flair! Not only do we offer these fantastic units with the barbecue, but we also offer the matching furniture collection with even more options for you to design your dream outdoor cooking space, including a Corner unit, a Sink or a Bar unit.

Whether you’re a seasoned grillmaster or just beginning your journey, our new 2024 collections will aid in your grillmaster journey!

Mark Milligan
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