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Smoke and Fire

Smoke and Fire

Grillstream made its inaugural appearance at Smoke and Fire's dual events in Ascot and Maldon this August, and it was a resounding success!

Our team was thrilled to showcase our grilling expertise to the public for the first time, aiming to provide an unforgettable culinary encounter.

Joined by esteemed brand ambassadors, including @Alfiekbbqs, @Jacksmeatshack, @Dappereatsuk, and @Masslenssmokingdrum, we delighted the crowds with delectable tastings straight from our barbecues. Live cooking demonstrations on stage highlighted Grillstream's unique selling points, features, and how enthusiasts could enhance their flavors.

These events weren't just about culinary excellence; they were also about fostering the Grillstream community, gaining brand exposure, gaining industry insights, and establishing meaningful connections with customers, the public, trade professionals, and like-minded businesses—all centered around the world of grilling.

Both events marked significant triumphs, and we extend heartfelt thanks to our entire team and our ambassadors for their support, contributing to the brand's success and serving up exceptional dishes for everyone to savor.


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Mark Milligan
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