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Aspect: The Small but Mighty Grill

Aspect: The Small but Mighty Grill

For those seeking a compact yet powerful grilling solution, look no further than our Aspect Barbecue range.

Making its debut for 2024, the Aspects are designed to fit seamlessly into smaller outdoor spaces, while still offering innovative features and versatile functionality.

Available in both 2 and 3 burner models, these neat little barbecues maximise on efficiency without compromising on their performance. Despite their petite design, they proudly feature our signature Grillstream technology and Hybrid System, which ensures cleaner, healthier and tastier food as well as catering to individual preferences and cooking styles.

The Aspect Barbecue range is equipped with fold-down side shelves for simple storing away, middle shelf storage for accessories and wheels for maneuverability, making it ideal for those with limited space. They also offer a double skinned hood, complete with a built-in thermometer for precise temperature control and a stainless steel warming rack for keeping your dishes hot and ready to serve.

So, whether you are grilling for two or hosting a small gathering, these compact barbecue powerhouses are designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience. Embrace the perfect blend of size, performance and innovative with our Aspect Barbecue range in 2024.

Mark Milligan
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