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"BEST GAS BBQ" WINNER - Ideal Home Garden Awards 2024

"BEST GAS BBQ" WINNER - Ideal Home Garden Awards 2024

The SmashGrill by Grillstream is the WINNER of the "Best Gas BBQ" category at the Ideal Home and Garden Awards 2024.

A smash hit in UK garden centres, the SmashGrill boasts a spacious non-stick flat plate for cooking. The plate is adjustable and can tilt slightly forward, allowing fats and juices to stream away effortlessly while re-basting the meat - resulting in cleaner, tastier, and healthier food.

Rebecca Knight from Ideal Home, said: "Ideal Home's expert judges were looking for products that offer great value for money, look great, with well-considered design, are of high quality, built to last, and boast brilliantly useful features."

The SmashGrill eliminates the hassle of switching between different grills or pans, allowing users to effortlessly prepare a variety of dishes. From fried eggs and pancakes, to stir-fried vegetables and classic barbecue fare, it handles it all with ease.

SmashGrill from LeisureGrow on Vimeo.


We've designed a dedicated space to keep your gas bottle neatly tucked away, ensuring your garden stays clutter-free.Additionally, the double-shelf storage provides ample room to organise all your BBQ tools and ingredients.

With safety in mind, we have also equipped the SmashGrill with our innovative GasSure system. GasSure takes away the unease of using gas, as it keeps track of your gas levels and detects potential leaks, automatically shutting off the flow to prevent any gas fires.

"The SmashGrill has been developed in conjunction with industry experts. We are extremely proud of the success of the product in both the retail performance and the recognition by the Ideal Home Garden Awards." - Jody Grimmer, MD - LeisureGrow

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