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Introducing GasSure: For Peace of Mind

Introducing GasSure: For Peace of Mind

GasSure is the latest innovation in BBQ technology that promises to eliminate those dreaded moments of panic when your gas has run out unexpectedly.

It is a revolutionary built-in gauge designed to keep grillers informed of their gas levels at all times, allowing them to always know when it's time to refill, ensuring an uninterrupted grilling experience.

But GasSure offers more than just peace of mind as it’s equipped with an innovative safety shut-off valve, GasSure detects leaks and automatically minimises the flow of gas to prevent potential fires or hazards.

This gives users the opportunity to focus on perfecting their grilling skills without worrying about the safety concerns. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or just a casual host, GasSure is the essential companion for anyone who enjoys stress-free outdoor cooking.

"We're thrilled to introduce GasSure to the BBQ community," says Dan Revell, Senior Category Manager. "We understand the frustration and safety risks that come with running out of gas or dealing with leaks. GasSure is our solution to these common problems, offering convenience, peace of mind, and most importantly, a safer grilling experience."

With GasSure, you can grill with confidence, knowing that your gas levels are monitored and your safety is secured.

Mark Milligan
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